Friday, March 16, 2012

On a Rip and A Tear!

Guest post by Mom.

As many of you know, I am currently, actively searching for a job.  Since my job is to find a job, I spend a good deal of my time in front of my computer.  This does not meet with Cheerio's approval.  He sits down near me.  I begin to focus on my job search.  I hear the sounds of a dog trying to be sneaky.  I grab my phone/camera and...

Mom: No, you may not eat any plastic mint wrappers.  And just WHERE did you get this?

Mom: (5 minutes later)  I don't even know what this is!

The sound of Styrofoam is NOT pleasant.

Cheerio: Mom, I really would like to play.

Cheerio: With this...

Cheerio: or this...

Cheerio: No, don't clean it up! 

Meanwhile, as I was cleaning up this mess...

 Cheerio:  If I bother Soda enough, he'll play with me...

Soda:  Go Away, beast.

Cheerio: Okay, then maybe Squeeky will play with me.

Cheerio: Come on, I'll chase you...

Cheerio: Please?

Cheerio: Pretty, please?

Soda:  We are not amused.

Squeeky: Back off! I've got a comfy coat to nap on, here!

Cheerio: Fine, then I'll bark at you, instead.

Cheerio: I know, we can play with THIS!

Cheerio: C'mon. Chase me!
Cheerio:  I love this game!

Cheerio: Well, if I can't have that long thing, how about this, instead?    Mom: (sighs) Drop it!

Cheerio:  This? Can we play with this?

Mom: Alright, fine. Good Dog.

Mom: You're so cute, let me get a picture of you.  Cheerio:  NO!

Mom: Just a nice picture of your face.  Cheerio:  WOOOF!

Cheerio:  I will not look at the camera.

Cheerio: Well, maybe a goofy face.

Cheerio:  Maybe not...

Cheerio:  Look! Soda does want to play!

Mom:  I am not getting any work done. Let's go play outside.  With the balls!  Cheerio:  I'm there!