Friday, August 31, 2012

Sawyer Came to Visit!

My buddy's back! 
I have someone to play with.

Hey, boy, let's play

Sawyer brings fun toys.

Laurie took Sawyer down the shore.  He told me he liked it at the beach house.

I found this really nice spot to chill out.

This toy is a favorite.

Ah, this is the life. A spot on the sofa, in a patch of sun.

You know what?  That sun is making me sleepy. Can we have some snuggle time?

Ok, I'm just going to lay my head down and take a little nap...

I came down the shore later in the week.  We got to go to the beach and play in the water. I love it.  Sawyer didn't want to get as wet as me.
Come on, Sawyer. It's FUN!

Sawyer's turn to chase the ball.

When will it be MY turn?
Just don't throw it towards the water, please.

There's another Sheltie at the beach!

She didn't get wet at all. 

Sawyer and I had a lot of fun down the shore.  Now we're home and I can play with my boys again.