Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Thing!

I am just so darn cute. You just can't be mad at me!

Even though I do things like this...
Good Moms don't leave paper on tables.

Peanut butter jar!

Why isn't Mom chasing me for this?

She's kind of laughing at me.

 These are Mom's reading glasses.
I have stolen and destroyed 6 or 7 pairs of them.
You know what else is good?  Dad's sunglasses.

He left them especially for me.
 Highlighters.  Yellow=TASTY FUN!
You can't hide these from me! I will find them every time. (same pair-different day)

Even when you tell me to DROP IT.  If you're not looking I can get them again.
But this?  This is the MOST fun of all.

Now who wants a kiss?