Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cheerio Helps Decorate

Can I help you decorate?


Okay, let's play!

Isn't this fun!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

My boy.  I don't understand what he is wearing.

Boy? What is that on your leg?
My new buddy, Sanders

We got to play all day. Every day!

Puppy pile!

I love you, boy!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Newly Crazy Dog

Two days ago, I tasted something  AMAZING! Brownies. ***(Mom's note:  Cheerio is fine.  We know that chocolate is really bad. We talked to the vet. We are hoping that the new found craziness is a phase.  A short one.)***  I don't think Mom wanted me to have them, because she had them in a really hard to reach place. She put them on the really high window sill behind the kitchen counter. She had left some butter on the counter because she was going to make cookies for my boys. Dad also left some boneless chicken defrosting in the hard to reach spot.  Butter smells really delicious. So does chicken.

They left to go somewhere and put me in the kitchen.  With the butter. And the chicken. And the brownies.  Well, I didn't like being left alone, so I thought I would check out the counter.  Butter. Four sticks.Yum. I didn't eat all of them, that would be bad manners.  But while I was eating the butter, I smelled something else tasty. The brownies.  I just had to taste one.  It was gooooooood. So I ate another one.  The papers that were wrapped around them didn't bother me at all. 

I remembered my manners.  I didn't eat all of them.  I left some for my people.  And i didn't eat the chicken at all.

Other than some tummy trouble I was feeling just fine. I woke up the next morning all revved up and ready to go.  First, I jumped up on Mom and Dad's bed even though I'm not supposed to.  I chased one of the cats around and around and around on that bed.  The cat didn't want to play as long as me so he left to go downstairs.  I followed him.  Okay, I chased him, but he liked it. Then I ran back up the stairs  barking really loudly so my boys would wake up, and jumped back up on the bed. Next, I ran all around the upstairs from room to room, barking happily because it was morning and I had someone to play with.

Pretty soon we all went downstairs.  I kept getting toys for all of us to play with, but everyone was kind of busy.  While they were all sitting down for breakfast, I herded one of the cats towards the other cat.  Those cats don't like to be too close to each other.  They started making those noises I like, so I chased them.  My cat, Soda, got mad at me and smacked me with his claws.  He wouldn't let me chase my cat, Squeeky, any more. Mom had to holler at me 4 or 5 times to get off the counter.  But she wasn't too mad, because she took me for a ride in the car.

When we got back, Mom knew I needed some play time.  She took me into the yard to play with my favorite toys. My orange balls.  I love those things.  I could play with them all day.  We played for a while, but not long enough if you ask me.  She always makes me cool down and calm down before she feeds me. So, I waited.  But I barked.

Mom fed me, and Dad took me for a long walk.  I didn't want to walk.  I wanted to play with the balls some more.  Dad made me walk around the block.  I kept trying to go home to play.  Now, usually after playtime and a good long walk, I'm ready for a nap. But I didn't feel like napping.  I was wide awake.  I kept hearing noises.  So I barked at them. I barked just because I wanted to make some noise. I barked if the wind blew.  I barked if someone walked past the house.  I barked if someone walked past the house with a dog.  Actually, if another dog came by, I would put my paws up on the windowsill to see them while I barked.  You know what?  If I do that, I can see squirrels on the lawn and in the trees.  I like squirrels.  I like to bark at them, too.  I think I made Mom grumpy.

When the boys came home from school, I was so happy to see them.  So I barked.  Mom was trying to tell them how my day was, but I needed attention, so I kept barking and taking things from places I'm not supposed to be.

This afternoon, one of my boys took me outside to play after school.  I saw a squirrel.  I chased it.  My boy tried to get me to come back with the promise of a cookie.  But the SQUIRREL.  I just had to chase after it. My boy ran away from me, so I chased HIM, instead.  Until he got to the door of the house.  When he got there I thought, "He's going inside, but I'm not done playing.  I'll just go across the street and play with my buddy, Nellie." Then I remembered the cookie, and ran home.

Also, earlier today, Dad discovered how I got the brownies.  Mom and the boys had to leave early this morning, so they put me in the kitchen. Dad was out running a quick errand.  When he got back he came into the kitchen.  He couldn't find me.  I was hiding.  On top of the counter. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Not To Do With A Bone

My buddy, Sawyer has gone home. I miss him.  Whenever I hear his name I go looking around for him. I (Cheerio) will be taking over the writing. 

My family is back. I missed my boys a whole lot.  I was so happy to see them.  Because I am missing my buddy, my family has been giving me extra special attention.  Sometimes that means a special treat. Yesterday, they gave me a soup bone.  I absolutely LOVE those.  They are yummy, good, delicious. I had spent a good amount of time on this bone when something happened.  It got stuck.  On my face.  I couldn't get it off.  

I didn't much like this thing on my face. I knew I needed help, but I wouldn't let them touch it.  It hurt

It happened right before my family went to bed.  I couldn't lay down right.  I stayed up all night long. Mostly I was quiet, but every so often I would whimper and cry.  First thing in the morning, Dad took me to the vet that Mom had found the night before.  

The vet gave me a shot that made me really sleepy.  She gave me another one so that I wouldn't hurt any more.  Then she cut that thing right off my face.  I was back home (camping) in about 20 minutes.  

The first thing I did was let all my people love me.  They were all really worried about me. I felt kind of funny. I couldn't make my ears stand up straight.  I also couldn't make my legs do what I wanted them to. So the next thing I did was to take a little nap.  Well, okay, I slept all day long.  I was still a little loopy when my family came back from the beach.  

I feel fine now. I have had my dinner.  I have begged for food from my boys (one of them dropped his hot dog!). And I have had a nice after dinner walk.  I hope tomorrow I can go play ball.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Sawyerness

 Sawyer and Cheerio entertain the children.

(or Old dog teaches young dog new tricks)

 Please can we get on the bed?  We haven't seen you since last night! We need love!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sawyer's Big Five Safari

While KSB members got to go on safari in Kruger National Park and spot the "big five", I have seen and hunted the "big five" here in our park.

Seen but not photographed:
trash truck 
motorcycle - There was another dog actually riding on this thing. I was confused, so I barked. Then I chased it.  That darn fence got in my way AGAIN!

Golf Carts
These are SO much fun to chase.  I make all the people who are in them smile when I chase them.  
Boy, if that fence wasn't there...

Today, I got to sniff a few of these while they weren't moving.  All my little campground friends were on them.  I didn't bark at them at all.  
Darn that fence!  I can catch that thing.  I know I can.

Front End Loader
This one was a little scary.  Even Cheerio didn't want to get too close. I thought it would be a good idea to keep quiet.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Things I have Learned at Camp Flynn

Shake - I will do this for my breakfast.  Also for bacon bits.
Quiet - This is still a work in progress, because it is in my nature to bark at things. 

Jumping on the bed to tell Laurie it's time to get up.

Off - I hear this a lot especially when I jump on the bed.
Cheerio is a friend.
I can help Laurie read things.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Letter from Camp

Dear Dad,

I like camping in a motor home.  There is this nifty seat where I can look out of the window to check for invaders.  You know, I am always on the look out for invaders. I also really like playing in the park nearby.  It has a fence all the way around and I don't have to be on a leash. It is full of trees and shady most of the day. There are all these nice little girls that want to pet me.

My day goes something like this: Wake up around 7:30 and go outside.  I  wait until Laurie has had a cup of tea, then I eat my breakfast.  Next comes a nice walk and play time in the park.  Cheerio runs around like crazy after the ball.  I chase it a little bit, but mostly I like to play keep away with it. I really like smelling all the smells that are in the park.  Also, every day a golf cart drives past and I like to chase it from my side of the fence. When we are all done playing, I am ready for a nap. I haven't been to the beach, yet, but I like to like the salt water from Laurie's legs when she comes back from the beach.  She comes back right around dinner time.  After that we go back to the park for some more play time.  There are lots of other dogs here. I only bark at them sometimes.

I heard Laurie say that she forgot the cord for the camera, so she can't put pictures on her computer.  As soon as she gets one, I will show you some of the fun I am having.  I have seen the fun you are having with the boys. Don't miss me too much. I am having a great time.