Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Daily Thievery

Mom has been taking pictures of me grabbing interesting toys to play with.  She has been posting them on Reddit in the section for 'bad dogs'.  I am offended!  I am a good dog.  I am a playful dog.  ANYTHING can be a toy.  You just need to know how to use it. 

I heard Mom say that she might just put up a picture every time I take something that is not 'officially' a toy.  Here are her pictures so far. 

Sticks are AWESOME. 

Hey, let me help you with that.

This is a great toy.  You want it. You know you do!

See how much fun this is?

Chase me!

I am the wind. Nanny nanny boo boo, you can't catch me.

The cats seem to like this stuff.

Let's find out why.

I think it's too long.  I can help with that.  Small bits, right?

You were done with that, right?