Friday, March 16, 2012

On a Rip and A Tear!

Guest post by Mom.

As many of you know, I am currently, actively searching for a job.  Since my job is to find a job, I spend a good deal of my time in front of my computer.  This does not meet with Cheerio's approval.  He sits down near me.  I begin to focus on my job search.  I hear the sounds of a dog trying to be sneaky.  I grab my phone/camera and...

Mom: No, you may not eat any plastic mint wrappers.  And just WHERE did you get this?

Mom: (5 minutes later)  I don't even know what this is!

The sound of Styrofoam is NOT pleasant.

Cheerio: Mom, I really would like to play.

Cheerio: With this...

Cheerio: or this...

Cheerio: No, don't clean it up! 

Meanwhile, as I was cleaning up this mess...

 Cheerio:  If I bother Soda enough, he'll play with me...

Soda:  Go Away, beast.

Cheerio: Okay, then maybe Squeeky will play with me.

Cheerio: Come on, I'll chase you...

Cheerio: Please?

Cheerio: Pretty, please?

Soda:  We are not amused.

Squeeky: Back off! I've got a comfy coat to nap on, here!

Cheerio: Fine, then I'll bark at you, instead.

Cheerio: I know, we can play with THIS!

Cheerio: C'mon. Chase me!
Cheerio:  I love this game!

Cheerio: Well, if I can't have that long thing, how about this, instead?    Mom: (sighs) Drop it!

Cheerio:  This? Can we play with this?

Mom: Alright, fine. Good Dog.

Mom: You're so cute, let me get a picture of you.  Cheerio:  NO!

Mom: Just a nice picture of your face.  Cheerio:  WOOOF!

Cheerio:  I will not look at the camera.

Cheerio: Well, maybe a goofy face.

Cheerio:  Maybe not...

Cheerio:  Look! Soda does want to play!

Mom:  I am not getting any work done. Let's go play outside.  With the balls!  Cheerio:  I'm there!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Thing!

I am just so darn cute. You just can't be mad at me!

Even though I do things like this...
Good Moms don't leave paper on tables.

Peanut butter jar!

Why isn't Mom chasing me for this?

She's kind of laughing at me.

 These are Mom's reading glasses.
I have stolen and destroyed 6 or 7 pairs of them.
You know what else is good?  Dad's sunglasses.

He left them especially for me.
 Highlighters.  Yellow=TASTY FUN!
You can't hide these from me! I will find them every time. (same pair-different day)

Even when you tell me to DROP IT.  If you're not looking I can get them again.
But this?  This is the MOST fun of all.

Now who wants a kiss?