Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Not To Do With A Bone

My buddy, Sawyer has gone home. I miss him.  Whenever I hear his name I go looking around for him. I (Cheerio) will be taking over the writing. 

My family is back. I missed my boys a whole lot.  I was so happy to see them.  Because I am missing my buddy, my family has been giving me extra special attention.  Sometimes that means a special treat. Yesterday, they gave me a soup bone.  I absolutely LOVE those.  They are yummy, good, delicious. I had spent a good amount of time on this bone when something happened.  It got stuck.  On my face.  I couldn't get it off.  

I didn't much like this thing on my face. I knew I needed help, but I wouldn't let them touch it.  It hurt

It happened right before my family went to bed.  I couldn't lay down right.  I stayed up all night long. Mostly I was quiet, but every so often I would whimper and cry.  First thing in the morning, Dad took me to the vet that Mom had found the night before.  

The vet gave me a shot that made me really sleepy.  She gave me another one so that I wouldn't hurt any more.  Then she cut that thing right off my face.  I was back home (camping) in about 20 minutes.  

The first thing I did was let all my people love me.  They were all really worried about me. I felt kind of funny. I couldn't make my ears stand up straight.  I also couldn't make my legs do what I wanted them to. So the next thing I did was to take a little nap.  Well, okay, I slept all day long.  I was still a little loopy when my family came back from the beach.  

I feel fine now. I have had my dinner.  I have begged for food from my boys (one of them dropped his hot dog!). And I have had a nice after dinner walk.  I hope tomorrow I can go play ball.