Monday, July 25, 2011

Sawyer's Big Five Safari

While KSB members got to go on safari in Kruger National Park and spot the "big five", I have seen and hunted the "big five" here in our park.

Seen but not photographed:
trash truck 
motorcycle - There was another dog actually riding on this thing. I was confused, so I barked. Then I chased it.  That darn fence got in my way AGAIN!

Golf Carts
These are SO much fun to chase.  I make all the people who are in them smile when I chase them.  
Boy, if that fence wasn't there...

Today, I got to sniff a few of these while they weren't moving.  All my little campground friends were on them.  I didn't bark at them at all.  
Darn that fence!  I can catch that thing.  I know I can.

Front End Loader
This one was a little scary.  Even Cheerio didn't want to get too close. I thought it would be a good idea to keep quiet.